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I am a former GM Executive who had the good fortune to marry Christine Reichow, a watercolor artist.  I have been making high quality Giclée reproductions of her work since 2001.  A Giclée reproduction allows you to have a quality image so you can substantially increase your revenue through a wider distribution.  There are two distinct advantages to the giclée reproduction method.  You can print one at a time as you need them and it is a high quality image recognized as the best form of reproduction in the marketplace.

Giclée (zhee-clay).

A French word meaning to spray.  Original artwork is either scanned with a high resolution scanner to create a digital file or it is photographed with a high resolution digital camera.  The image is reviewed with a high resolution computer by a graphic artist to ensure the reproduced colors accurately match the original.  Each image is then printed onto an archival substrate of either canvas or watercolor paper utilizing a state-of-the-art fine art replication plotter that delivers a fine spray containing millions of microscopic droplets of colored ink.

How To Get Started

The first step is to create a digital file of your artwork.  With a painting on a flat non rigid paper, I will scan the painting into my computer.  I cannot scan pastel, charcoal or oil paintings that are currently stretched.  (I do not have photographic equipment, so if you would like your pastel, charcoal, or oil painting reproduced you will need to bring me a digital file that you or a photographer has taken.)

Once I have the digital file, I will review it to make any corrections of blemishes, etc.  Using Adobe Photoshop I will adjust the colors and values to obtain an image that is as close as possible to the original piece of artwork.


I will produce one to two proofs (approximately 8” x 10”) for the customer’s review.  Additional adjustments will be made if necessary.  When satisfied the customer will sign the proof which I will retain so it can be referenced for all future printings of the image.


I use an Epson 1640XL flatbed scanner with a scanning surface of 12” x 17”.  If the artwork is of a greater size then the scanner surface it will be scanned in multiple scans and then stitched together in Adobe Photoshop.


I use two Epson printers; a 7800 series with a 24" width and the other a 9600 series with a 44” width and both printers use Ultrchrome Inks.  My standard paper is Sunset Textured Fine Art paper that is 310gram weight and is acid free. 

Pricing on Canvas

My standard canvas is Premium Edition Water Resistant canvas. After it is printed, I will use IJ Satin Coat to seal the canvas.  This is a clear UV protective coating for enhanced ultraviolet durability chemical and abrasion resistance and very flexible so it will not crack when the canvas is stretched.


If desired, I will also place the canvas on stretcher bars either for mounting into a frame or for gallery wrap.


I charge a minimum of $25 or $0.08 cents a square inch to scan, whichever is greater, to to scan the painting. The scan charge includes all corrections for blemishes (or removing something from the image such as a paper watermark that has been embossed on the paper) and color corrections to have the reproduction match the original. The charge also includes two proofs for the artist to review to obtain agreement on the reproduction.

If you provide a disk with your digital image and no other work is necessary I will charge $10 and provide you one proof for your review.


Once agreement has been reached on the image, the image will be archived on a CD.


The price for printing on paper is $13 per square foot and charged out on a per square inch basis.  The price for printing on canvas is $15 per square foot and also charged out on a per square inch basis.  The cost of canvas includes the cost of sealing.


The reproductions can be of any size both smaller and larger than the original.  The amount of enlargement will be dependent upon the dpi of the image.


If the customer desires to have the canvas stretched on bars, a price quote will be given once the size is known and the size of stretcher bars being used.

Example of an 11" x 14" image

  • Scanning                                        $25.00

  • Paper Print                                     $13.90

  • Canvas Print - Standard                $16.04

  • Canvas Print - Gallery Wrap
    (1.5" wider all around)                   $24.79

Additional charge for stretching

  • Using 5/8" bars                              $20.00

  • Using 5/8" bars                              $20.00

  • Using 5/8" bars                              $20.00

Special Introductory Offer

I will scan your first artwork (at a size that is up to the $25 scanning charge) and provide you with a proof of your first image at NO CHARGE.  If your first image is larger I will charge the scanning by square inch and deduct the $25.

Contact us or call (239) 273-9568 for more information.

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